Investment planning

Help you construct diversified portfolios customized to your specific risk tolerance and changing economic scenarios

Planning for the Golden Years

Let’s accumulate a self-funded retirement life which factors in all your expectations & dreams

Establishing your legacy

A smooth transition and distribution of wealth as per your wishes. Leave the legacy you desire.

Global Markets

Access to the businesses which are global and adds required diversification to build a healthy portfolio.

Investing with BIA Capital

We select the most appropriate products within each asset class on the basis of your tolerance of risk, return expectations and liquidity requirements.

Path to Financial Success

Finance is not merely about making money. It’s about achieving our deep goals and protecting the fruits of our labor. — Robert J. Shiller

Set Aside funds for Contingency

You cannot predict what the future holds, but you can prepare for it.


Contingency Fund is important to protect savings and prevent you from falling into debt.


It acts as a safety net and protects you from a financial crisis.

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Pay off your debts expect housing loans

If debt, is holding you back from achieving your financial freedom, it’s time you break through it once and for all.


Repay either by the Snowball method or the Debt stacking method.


A debt-free life lets you choose what you do with your money

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Set aside some funds regularly for Children Education

Higher Education costs are rising every year.


Education cost is one of the biggest cash outflows and therefore families must plan well in advance to fund them comfortably on time

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Accumulate Enough for the golden years

A warm cup of tea on a rocking chair & hearing old melodies would be a Retirement visual for many of us.


Without a state pension or social security forming the backbone of retirement plans, Indians rely on the funds which they accumulate throughout their working life.


Invest at least 20% of your income towards Retirement.

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Automate your Savings to Investments

Investing is giving one’s money the potential to grow.


It is the process of capital formation and therefore will result in addition to the income flow.


Convert your hard-earned savings into an income-generating asset.

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Don’t wait for the “right time”

Early investments lead to compounding returns. The time value of money increases over a period of time.


The earlier you start, the easier it is to build wealth


The First step is always the hardest, but it’s the only way to reach the second step. – Susan Gale

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