Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds are the one of best products for Long term wealth creation. MF Industry in India is highly regulated and offers the highest level of transparency to its investors.

Mutual Funds to Meet Your Goals

Money Market Mutual funds

  •    Family Vacations
  •    Emergency

Short Term Debt Funds

  •   Debt Clearance
  •   House Repairs
  •   Insurance

Dynamic Asset Allocation

  •    Down Payment
  •    Buying Car

Hybrid / Balanced Equity Funds

  •   Mortgage Repay
  •   Family Marriage
  •   Foreign Vacation

Diversified Equity Mutual Funds

  •   Child’s Education
  •    Child’s Marriage
  •    Retirement Planning

Options to select range from Funds

Alpha Generators

Long term Capital Growth


The Equity Funds provide growth to your investment portfolio. Invest in Large Cap funds and Multi cap funds to get the needed alpha to your investment basket.

Mid and Small Cap funds can be preferred only if your goal is very distant and you can digest the volatility associated with them. Sectoral funds can only be a small part of your portfolio, say less than 10%.

  • Large Cap Funds
  • Multi-Cap/ Flexi Cap
  • Mid Cap Funds
  • Small-Cap Funds
  • ELSS
  • Sector / Thematic Funds
  • Global Funds


Stability with Reasonable Growth


The Balance funds invest money across asset classes, like stocks. Bonds. Commodities and other securities.  One can invest in balanced funds for income generation as well as capital appreciation.

As per SEBI categorization, an Investor has a Choice of investing in 5 different categories of Hybrid Funds. You can select from Equity Savings fund, Multi-Asset Funds, Dynamic Asset Allocation fund, Conservative hybrid, Balanced Hybrid, or the aggressive Hybrid funds as per your risk profile. Dynamic Asset allocation products popularly known as the Balance Advantage funds have proved themselves as successful asset allocation solutions.

  • Equity Savings Fund
  • Conservative Hybrid
  • Balanced Hybrid
  • Dynamic Asset Allocation
  • Multi-Asset Allocation


Generate Income with Moderate Risk


Investment in Debt funds is an important part of one’s asset allocation. Debt funds are assumed to be risk-free, but in fact, they aren’t totally risk-free. Selecting a debt fund should be done after considering various aspects as risk profile and the time horizon of your financial goals.

It is very important to zero down to the right category that suits the investor’s profile.  Average Maturity of the fund, its modified duration, YTM of the fund portfolio, the credit rating of the portfolio constituents, and the Interest rate outlook play a very important role in determining the selection of the debt fund.

  • Short Term Funds
  • Medium Term Funds
  • Long Term Bond fund
  • Dynamic Bond Fund
  • Corporate Bond Fund
  • Credit Risk Fund
  • Gilt Funds


Minimum Risk

Park your short-term funds in Money market funds. These funds are the safest funds in the debt category with negligible interest or credit risk.  You can invest in them while you save for emergencies, an upcoming big purchase, or another short-term need.

  • Overnight Funds
  • Liquid Funds
  • Ultra-Short Term Funds