Global Markets

Invest in Global markets

Investing globally not only provides much-needed access to the businesses which are truly global but also adds diversification that’s necessary to build a healthy investment portfolio.

Indian Investors can invest in assets abroad under the RBI’s LRS (Liberalised Remittances Scheme). The Scheme allows all Indian Residents to freely remit up to US Dollars 2,50,000 per financial year.

Why We Should Invest in Global Markets

Growth Opportunities

India has more than 5000 listed corporates, yet accounts for only 3%of Global Market Capitalisation. Global investing gives you access to global mega growth companies in new-age sectors.

Investment Opportunities in Sunrise Sectors

Invest in sunrise industries like Artificial intelligence and autonomous systems, Next-generation energy storage and distribution, Digital infrastructure, etc.

Reduce Risk

It is perceived widely that the investment in global markets will expose us to higher risk, but data show otherwise. India being a developing economy has higher volatility as compared to developed economies.

Have A US $ Portfolio

Global Investment acts as a hedge for the investment for goals to be funded with foreign currency. Sponsoring foreign education of your children can be achieved by global investments.

Options for the Indian Inventors

US Stock ETFs

– Large Cap Growth – Large Cap Value – Large Cap Blend – Midcap Growth – Midcap Value – Midcap Blend

US Bond ETFs

The ETFs include High Yield Bond ETFs, Inflation-Protected Bond ETFs, Intermediate Govt Bonds, Intermediate Core Bonds, Short term bonds, Long term bonds, World Bond – USD hedged, etc.

Sector ETFs

The ETFs invest in sectors for e.g Communications, Health, Technology, Energy, Natural Resources, etc.

International Stock ETFs

ETF investments in all emerging as well as developed markets. ETFs are available for China Region, Diversified Emerging Markets, Diversified Asia Pacific, Global Real Estate, Latin America, Japan, European Markets, etc.