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Why is planning for retirement important in India?

A warm cup of tea on a rocking chair & hearing old melodies would be a Retirement visual for many of us. Let’s all check whether we are moving towards a retirement that is healthy and prosperous. The Increasing life expectancy has given us the gift of extra time,...

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Recommended Mutual Funds – Large Cap

Equity is a powerful asset class that offers potential for long-term wealth generation. However, this potential is only realized for those investors that are able to maintain a diligent and disciplined approach towards it. Large Cap Equity Mutual Funds make a base for your equity portfolio and should weigh at...

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Economic Indicators – IIP or PMI data

Economic Indicators are broadly categorized as Leading Indicators & Lagging Indicators. Leading Indicators:These Indicatorsindicate a change even before the economy factors the adjustments. Theyare based on current data & are forward-looking, discount the current values according to future expectations. Stock Markets are the perfect example of a Leading Indicator....

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