Estate Planning Through Trusts

Estate planning helps build a bridge from one generation to the next. It creates & makes provision for estate management, estate preservation and creating a legacy for the estate.

An ill planned succession risks negative financial consequences for the family fortune and leads to unnecessary stress and conflict among family members.

We have a specialized and dedicated in house team to help our clients tailor a Structure to articulate and implement their vision for succession and continuity of the family wealth during their lifetime.

Our Services Include :

  • Estate Planning Services
  • Preparation of Wills
  • Trust Formation
  • Trust Management

Why Trust ?

  • The Owner of the property/estate is called the Settlor of the Trust, passes his assets to the beneficiaries via “Trust”
  • The term ‘Trust’ relates to a person’s property being held under a Trusteeship in accordance with the Settlement Deed of the Trust. The estate is held and administered for the benefit of one or more Individuals, called ‘Beneficiaries’.
  • The Trust can be a ‘Living Trust’ or a ‘Testamentary Trust’.
  • A Living Trust comes into operation as soon as the Deed of Settlement is executed. On the other hand a ‘Will’ or a ‘Testamentary Trust’ only after the demise of the Creator of the Will or Testamentary Trust.
  • A Trust can be either Private or Public. If an individual wants to contribute to the society he set up a Public Charitable Trust.
  • A charitable trust is a legal entity which can be set up by anyone who has decided to commit themselves in principle to setting aside some of their assets or income for charitable causes. Trusts are completely independent of government or any external control. The main obligation is to work within the charitable purposes and the powers set out in the Trust Deed.

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