NRI Services

Wealth Advisory Services for NRIs

The Indian Economy continues to grow at a good pace and holds a strong position in the global map.  It is today among one of the most attractive destinations for business and investment opportunities. India’s strong fundamentals such as growing middle class population, cost competitiveness and strong domestic consumption has made it a preferred destination to many global brands.

Indian Markets offers exciting investment opportunities to all kind of Investors.  Our NRI Desk specialises in delivering a wide range of personalised products and services to meet the complex needs of the Global NRI community including: Existing NRIs, Emigrating NRIs and returning NRIs.

The products offered are as below:

Tax Planning and Advisory

Our NRI Desk specialises in:

  1. Planning Residential Status under FEMA and IT Act
  2. File Income Tax Returns
  3. Planning and Advisory related to sale/purchase of Property
  4. Planning and Advisory related to Wealth Tax
  5. Facilitate in Opening of Banking accounts and other regulatory formalities


Equity Strategies: We offer Advisory services enabling the client to take advantage of the opportunities in the diversified Indian Equity markets through Mutual Funds and Direct Equity Products

Fixed Income Strategies:  We help clients to create diversified, tax efficient investment plans that address capital preservation, regular income and capital appreciation with an array of portfolio products.

Structured Products: Enabling clients to take advantage of hedging and liquidity strategies and customized structured products.

Investment Process

Creating a Financial Plan or Investment Policy :  The Team helps the client prepare a Financial Plan and secure his financial stability which also includes a retirement plan and also a plan to transfer his assets to future generations through Estate planning.

Adopting a strategic asset allocation:  Managing wealth involves more than picking stocks or mutual funds. Our Wealth management team works together with the client to help allocate assets and develop appropriate strategy to achieve his financial goals.

Implementing Investment Recommendations : After finalising the Asset allocation to meet the financial need of the client the Wealth managers implement the strategies accordingly. Proper Implementation of the Investment Strategy is the key to successful Investment and It is important that we stick to the investment strategy.

Measuring performance periodically and re-balancing as necessary : Our team will help the client in periodically reviewing the performance and revise the strategy according to the objectives of the client. We will analyse your position, balances and asset allocation to ensure the financial plan in on track and positioned for success.