Investment Planning

BIA Capital is committed to client’s interest. Clients can choose the level of engagement in the management of financial assets. There are two broad approaches.

  1. Advisory services The Advisory service is for clients who wish to be actively involved with the investment strategy and with all decisions made on their portfolio. The investment manager will have an understanding of each client’s objectives and levels of risk, and will communicate investment ideas to meet these objectives. However, no transactions will be executed without the prior agreement and instruction from the client
  2. Execution-only The Execution-Only service enables clients to retain full control over their investments by making use of the dealing and custody service on offer at BIA Capital.


Our fee structure is clear and transparent. We discuss and agree fees with clients prior to investing and ensure that they are always informed of any proposed changes.
Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements and obtain the appropriate fee schedules.


We are able to provide all clients with online access to their portfolios, using a secure server. This enables clients to check their holdings, review contract notes, and record valuations.

The facility also enables clients to have discussions with their investment manager and is an efficient service for clients who wish to take a more active part in tracking their portfolio. Portfolio dealing cannot be executed on line.

Investment Planning